I'm 47 yrs old. Am I too old to train with you?

Absolutely not! I'm 45, who better to train with than a woman who personally knows the path to take for you to reach your fitness goals?

How can you lift weights without getting bulky?

Weight training is an art and a science. Science tells us how much weight a person should lift, for how many sets, reps and times during the week. Science even tells us how many days a person needs to rest in-between training days. The art, on the other hand, comes with having an eye for a woman's body composition and an understanding of how heavy - or light she should go. #InsertSmileWithaWink

Where do you train your clients?

I can train you in your apartment building's gym. I can also train you in your commercial gym, as long as you have permission to do so. I can train you in your apartment, as long as we have room. Outdoor training is fun and easy too. #VitaminDonDeck