Don’t you think it’s time your gym got a makeover? That’s where we come in. We’re Pretty Hard Body, a boutique fitness studio catering to women.
But we’re more than jus working out. We’re in the business of helping women to create a fitness and wellness habit that sticks.
And getting snatched. We’re definitely in the business of women getting SNATCHED!

I wanted to create a boutique fitness experience for women who did not see people who looked like them in large facilities, or in boutique environments. I wanted to create a supportive space for women to workout and kick it with women just like them.

Nicole Orisich, Owner + LEO

Welcome to the house
of change.

We believe that your fitness experience should feel more indulgent and less like a chore! Like, it’s bad enough that working out can be hard af, shouldn’t you at least look forward to puttin’ that work in?

the cleanest
gym in Harlem

As the self-proclaimed, “cleanest gym in Harlem”( #ThankYouVeryMuch), we take pride in having a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing place for ladies to train. 
Yes, we strength train, yes, we remove our street shoes when we enter the studio, and yes, we even have scented hand towels in our restroom! #check, #check, and more #check! 
With free yoga mat and sneaker storage, a studio that’s closed to the public when trainings are in session, and a body sculpting workout schedule to snatch you to the GAWD!
You can think of Pretty Hard Body as your sweet farewell to the traditional gym experience. You should be here, babe. 



Nicole Orisich

Nicole Orisich was born and raised in Harlem and currently holds a doctorate in, “I’m doing this for me.”

As a game-changer in the health + wellness space, Nicole’s decision to create a fun and inclusive boutique fitness experience for women enables PHB to serve it’s members in the most body positive / we define fitness for ourselves kinda way. 

Nicole’s sun sign is Leo (August) with a Virgo moon. She’s about 78% vegetarian and loves improv comedy.

Nicole holds a certification as a Personal Trainer with the American Council of Exercise and also holds additional certifications in TRX, and as an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist.

When she isn’t designing the workout of the day for PHB members, you can find Nicole living her best life on her instagram stories. 

You Should Be Here.

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